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China factory direct ODM 5 star hotel restaurant furniture table chairs
    Publish time 2023-07-04 17:06    

What is the main concept of western style hotel restaurant?
Western food restaurant are supplying the cusine or dishes of which western country. So the design should based on that country national culture , and full respect the food custom and eating environment requirement. Western hotel restaurant furniture means those food in Europe and North America. The main western food restaurant in China are France style restaurant and Italy style restaurant. But most of the western food restaurant are not specific it is the food for which country.

How to decorate the western style hotel restaurant.

1.Space characteristic.

As the ceiling of the western restaurant are normally higher than normal hotel restaurant furniture China, so the designers always like use those big plant to decorate the space, some of them are look like a big umbrella cover on the top of several restaurant table, it also better divide the restaurant space.

Cold food are the main majority of the western food, so the restaurant table for cold food should be consideration. Basically, the cold food restaurant table will be put in the middle of the restaurant, in order to take food easily from all side of the hotel restaurant furniture. Of course, some restaurant did not put restaurant table for cold food, customer take their supply by the servant to send.

2.The design style shape and decoration details.

The western style restaurant design comes from the idea of Europe culture and life style, but it is most influence by the ancient Europe building. Although the Europe classic building are built in different century and different area, but the western hotel restaurant furniture no need to duplicate the whole design of the indoor Europe building, it just need to combine the design concept of them is enough.

3.What is the difference of western restaurant and Chinese restaurant?

The biggest difference is the culture different of the two nation. Western people are pay more attention to privacy when having meal. China people are always like group eating. So the restaurant table size are always different. And Chinese like round table, which can occupied more person and save space. Western hotel restaurant furniture table are usually in rectangular or square.

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