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Brand Hilton hotel restaurant furniture wood table chairs
    Publish time 2023-07-04 17:07    

Hotel restaurant hall decoration style.

1.    Chinese style. The cultural influence on food business are reflect on dining table. Solid rest wood hotel restaurant table chairs are showing the Chinese culture reflection. The all kind of classic style decoration accessory are showing the elegant space feeling.

2.    Country side style.

Adding some suitable country side style gadget on the hotel restaurant table, like ceramic vase, natural dry flower and plant, can have a feeling of surrounding by the country side.

3.    Europe style.

Restaurant furniture table chairs hotel with golden leaf or golden paint design on the table top edge, chair legs can have a feeling in the gravity palace. The Europe classic style reflect the elegant life style, the restaurant decoration also make it upgrade.

The main design concept for hotel restaurant hall and furniture China.

1.    The hotel restaurant should be quiet. A noisy area occupied with people is not acceptable.

2.  Private room design is important for business meal, the private room can provide a private and quiet environment for customer communication, to show the host’s sincerity to their guess.

3.    Government working customer. For government people, privacy are great importance. They are willing to have meal in a place without other people to disturb.

Three point for hotel restaurant furniture China decoration suggestion.

1.    The hotel restaurant should be a specific idea of their decoration. The restaurant decoration not only focus on the running operation, but also should pay attention to customer requirements. There should have research on the target market capacity, food business trend analysis, the cost on decoration input and output.

2.    The importance of protecting customer privacy. Private room design is necessary. Glass with hollow design are most suitable, it can make the space look still vast, but also can give customer individual space when having meal.

3.    Lighting design. The hotel restaurant furniture table area showing food should be bright, and the area for seat should be dark. If lighting are too dark or too bright, it will cause customer’s discomfort.

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