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Natural solid wood hotel restaurant table chairs for sale
    Publish time 2023-07-04 17:11    

How to take care of the solid wood hotel restaurant furniture?

The main feature of solid wood furniture is the natural wood grain, and the great different change in the color. As solid wood breath constantly, so should put in the environment with suitable humidity, and avoid beverages, chemical substances, too hot product to put on the surface, in case to damage the natural wood color. If it is anti-resist panel, when there are too much dirt, suggest to use the neutral cleanser with warm water to clean it, then use clear water clean it again, then final use the soft fabric to remove the left water, when it total clean, then use the maintain wax to polish it, then final finished the clean of hotel restaurant furniture.

Restaurant is a place for the family to eat together, and the place where the family join together to have meeting, communicate and playing. The comfortable eating environment better to have the individual space, but due to the area space, most of the restaurant are combination with the kitchen, and with the kitchen side cabinet as the inter clapboard, this is also a good design scheme.

Restaurant furniture including dining table, chair, and side cabinet, the type and size as below:

1.Hotel restaurant furniture table have rectangular and round table 2 type. Square table belongs to rectangular table, oval is the round table type. And if divide by the legs, there are 2 legs, 3 legs and 4 legs type. 

2.The China hotel furniture dining chair are always without armrest, it is feeling ease when you are having your dinner or lunch. But we suggest you use the restaurant chair with armrest in those official scene, that will show gravity and comfort. The restaurant chair height are very important, normally keep in 420-440mm height, and the distance to the table top should between 280 to 320mm. Another thing, the chair width should be over 380mm, and chair deep in 340-420mm, the chair back in 850mm to 1000mm.

The side cabinet design are always use 2 pieces combine together. One in top and one in the bottom, the top one in glass door structure, to show the beauty of the tableware and wine bottle, the depth in 260 to 350mm. The bottom cabinet is in low type, and the depth will be big than the top one, around 400 to 450mm. The side cabinet height and width don’t have the fix size, it is according to the hotel restaurant furniture dining hall area.

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