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How much cost to build a hotel?
Source: | Author:HS Hotel Furniture | Published time: 2023-07-13 | 627 Views | Share:

Most of the person are willing to invest a hotel, but they dont have any ideas how much will be to start the work. Below let us check the list for the cost on each point.

When start building a hotel, we should first analyse the place of the hotel, the hotel scale, type and other factor to consider the cost.

Normally, the cost are including the prospect as below:

1.The cost of buying the land of the hotel. This is the key point and big part among the cost list. And if the hotel is landing on the city center, then the cost will be very expensive. And for some place, the government are not allow to sell the land, that means the hotel investor might need to  rent the landing. That is also need to carefully calculate the rental cost for long term lease.

2.The construction cost. This including the design cost, building cost and decoration cost. The design cost relate to which level of interior company choose. The building cost should careful check the construction material, labour salary, machine lease, insurance and some other cost.

3.Then it comes to the hotel furniture and facilities cost. For the hotel furniture, it divides to hotel room furniture, lobby furniture, restaurant furniture and banquet hall furniture. Each part of furniture cost depending on the hotel grade, like 5 star, 4 star and 3 star, their cost are totally different. And if the hotel would like to be international level like Hilton, Sheraton, Four season, that will also increase the cost.

For the facilities cost, that means the cost for TV, air conditioner, kitchen tool, this part also take a lot of money.

4.Some other cost for document and permit. How much to pay for the hotel permit document, how much interest for the loan from bank, how much for the tax. This part also need the accountant to calculate in details.

All in one word, invest a hotel relate to many part, how much it will cost should calculate by the professional team. For the cost related to different part, they also need to find the related supplier to quote. Such as for the hotel furniture part, they can ask the professional hotel furniture factory to make a budget for them, that will well help the hotel owner to understand the cost before start building the hotel.

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