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What is the qualified sales person should be for hotel furniture?
Source: | Author:HS Hotel Furniture | Published time: 2023-07-28 | 1225 Views | Share:

Any industry start and development are along with the improvement of science technology, this is also the market demand increasing which motive the expanding of hotel furniture industry, and also push the related person to update the product. In the production industry, this demands more. Such as hotel bedroom furniture sales is from traditional technology to advanced technology updated. So what is the improvement require? And what we should be focus on when using this product?

First, the professional hotel furniture sales person should better introduce the product to their target customer, and ask the needs of the customer, and how is the product can meet their requirement and cause their interest. What is the main method to attract customer? There are several ways. 1.Make regular design, add or change the sample in the showroom, make the customer feel fresh when visit your showroom. 2.The hotel furniture factory should attend some furniture fair, or get some new design from the brand hotel, follow the popular design chain of the industry. 3. Get the designer train regularly, to make them more professional in production drawing and actual production furniture structure.

Second, the professional service knowledge are also very important. As customer are from different country, and they have different custom and habit, the qualified sales person should better understand the customer country protocol, avoid something which will offend the customer. The qualified hotel bedroom furniture sales person also should qualified to use body language, English which adjacent to customer local accent to quickly win customer likes and trust, which will make the business effective and move smoothly.

Third, the qualified sales person should be very professional and familiar to the product knowledge. It include the material of the furniture,( such as the fabric, PU leather, genuine leather, wood type and wood veneer type). The technology of the furniture, such as how to make the furniture, how is the painting polished, how to assemble the furniture. And so on. The sales person also should very familiar with the product use, and how to maintain the furniture. Through the communication with customer, the sales person should quickly get the customer culture and aesthetic taste, introduce the furniture style which match his taste. The sales person also should know the customer purchase motivation, use each kind of skills to pose the product view which can touch the customer needs, in order to get the customer order. And further to be the customer friends, to have long terms business opportunity. Win the customer trust, and they will introduce some more buyer to you.

The after sales service are also very important, it related to customer second purchase and long term business relationship. And the contract, payment, market operation also very important. There are a lot the professional sales person should equipped. And the hotel furniture we are selling is variety, so there request the hotel furniture sales person to be really professional. 

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