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How to customized 5 star hotel furniture?
Source: | Author:HS Hotel Furniture | Published time: 2023-06-21 | 803 Views | Share:

Hotel furniture is the key element in hotel decoration, it relates the living experiment of the customer. So how to choose factory to customized hotel furniture is very important for the hotel manager and hotel owner to consider when decorate their hotel. Below is the basic process and attention matter of customized hotel furniture.

First, make sure the requirement of the custom made hotel furniture, including the hotel furniture quantity, type, design, material, color and size.

All this information should according to the hotel decoration style, hotel bedroom furniture type and customer requirement to make plan and design.

Second, looking for the customized hotel furniture China factory.

When confirm the needs of the hotel furniture, should find the professional China hotel furniture factory customized to cooperate. How to choose the right factory for hotel furniture customized? Please check the below point.

1.Check the ability and reputation of the hotel furniture factory. You can evaluate the factory by internet, by the hotel industry, by visiting their factory at site and some other way.

2.Confirm the production ability and professional design ability of the factory, if they have experience and technology of custom made hotel furniture.

3.Check the factory service and after-sale service policy, if they can make the furniture by your customized requirement.

Third, communicate with the hotel furniture customized factory.

When finally choose the hotel furniture supplier, should talk with the factory in details, confirm all the details and procedure of hotel furniture. Including:

1.Confirm the design scheme of hotel furniture, including type, material, size, color and so on.

2.Confirm the production days and transportation days, to make sure the arrangement of the whole hotel project schedule.

3.Confirm the after sale service and warranty period, make sure the lift time and quality of the 5 star hotel furniture.

Fourth, sign contract and payment.

When confirm all the customized scheme and procedure of hotel furniture, should make contract with the hotel furniture manufacturer, make deposit or full payment, to make sure the benefit and responsibility of each other.

Fifth, produce and ship the hotel furniture.

After sign contract and make payment, the hotel furniture China factory will start production, will check quality and environmental requirement, to make sure the furniture is matching the quality standard.

When all the hotel furniture production finish and through the quality standard testing, the hotel furniture China factory will pack and ship on time as the delivery days.

All in one word, hotel furniture customized is a very complicate procedure, should cooperate with the professional one stop solution hotel furniture factory, make detailed communication and plan, then finally provide perfect product to give customer good experience, to bring good impression to the hotel.

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