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Mr. Pravin

The man in the very edge left side, who is the professional interior designer for hotel furniture. We have cooperate together for our first hotel in 2016, the designer provide us the furniture design for the hotel, with 65 rooms, the whole cooperation our quite satisfaction.

This is the second hotel he bring the customer to us. With the owner and his son. The hotel is located in Chennai India, the fourth biggest city in India. The hotel are equipped with 120 hotel rooms. The interior designer choose some items from our hotel furniture sample room and combine with his own ideas to the furniture, we gather our designer together with him to work out the final design for the hotel furniture, which also get high praise and approval for the owner.

The following work we are strictly done as the previous communication and order requirement, then begin production, shipping the furniture and finally all the hotel room furniture as final reach the customer hotel and installation. 

The owner give us comments of excellent China hotel furniture factory and looking forward to cooperate with their second hotel projects.  (If have.)

The second picture is for Mr. Jafar and Ahmed Elshereef from Saudi Arabia.

They are construction company, we work together for the project under their construction.

These are the picture take from our exhibition of Furniture Fair in Dubai.

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