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New Industry Atmosphere.
Source: | Author:HS Hotel Furniture | Published time: 2023-05-04 | 1087 Views | Share:

Hotel Furniture Customized leading the new industry atmosphere.

As living standard improving, people are thinking about individual speciality, it is same ideas in hotel furniture industry, the hotel furniture China factory custom made are leading the new industry atmosphere.
As the data from professional expert analyse, in the first half year of 2022, in the hotel furniture industry consumer, custom made furniture is increasing consistently. It is because as the increasing number of 80’s and 90’s group, individual specialty customized has become main current, the 60’s and 70’s are out of the mainstream. From our industrial hotel furniture factory news, they get order mostly from 80’s and 90’s, 60’s and 70’s has a small percentage already.
Actually, for hotel furniture, it is mainly by custom made by customer requirement.
First, from the hotel building plan to decoration, it needs to treat with gloves, but if you buy the furniture from those home furniture factory or shop, it is not suitable for hotel.
Secondly, each hotel have its own standard and target customer, so it should be very individual to meet the customer requirement. From all above requirement, only customized hotel bedroom furniture are suitable for every hotel.
Hotel and hotel furniture customized are mutually reinforcing with each other. Hotel furniture custom made like a capacious road, and customized is endless.
1.For hotel furniture structure and material, all should be match the industry standard. Of course, for different hotel apartment furniture, their material also has great difference. Such for the supporting part of the cabinet, chair and table, it is always choose those hard wood to bear heavy weight. For the inner part, it should use durable material with anti mothproof treatment. When you choose hotel furniture, you should check the wood have worm channel or not, which is causing by during dry the material. Finally, should check the chemical product use will be damage to human healthy or not.
2.The solid wood water rate of the hotel apartment furniture should not over 12%. For southern city, it is also important to check the water-absorbing quality problem. When wooden hotel room furniture absorbing water, it is easy to breeding colony, and oxidation, then will influence the life of the furniture.
3.For hotel furniture, the inner structure should be very strong enough. For restaurant chair, stool and those hanger, you can use the sandpaper to scrape and throw them to the floor, if the sound is clear, that means the quality is good. If the sound are not clear and with noisy, that means the restaurant chair are not in good mortise connection, the structure is not strong enough.
In hotel furniture product, the further trend is multi- development. Most of the hotel are using theme concept to finish their purchase for the furniture. For customer’s view, when they are satisfied with by the custom made hotel furniture, they will also hope they can get customized service and product from other industry. On the macro level, customized hotel furniture not only give customer satisfaction materially, but also on their spirit, as the custom made product have combine consumer ideas. This also motive the furniture from design, to production, to sale and after-sale service improvement. This kind of mode are also suitable for other industry. Also, it seems the competition of hotel furniture factory production will be very drastic in the future. But this is beneficial the customer.

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