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How to maintain and tend hotel furniture?
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How to maintain and tend hotel furniture? 5 tips for you.

How to maintain hotel furniture? How to tend wooden furniture? How to extend the life of furniture? I think most of the people are without the knowledge to maintain the hotel apartment furniture. Below we are giving you 5 tips for you to tend your furniture, make it more durable and keep long life.

1.Avoiding direct lighting

Hotel fixed furniture should avoid the sunlight direct shooting, the wood is too dry, easy to be crash and partial fading color. Also it can not put in the humid place, avoid the wood swollen by absorbing water in humid air, as it will decay.

2.Avoiding scratching by hard object.

The hotel cleaner should avoid using sharp cleaning tools to touch the hotel fixed furniture and moving furniture when doing cleaning. For daily use, those hard metal object are preventing to touch the surface of the hotel furniture.

3.Dust prevention and dust removal should be done regularly.

Normally for those solid wood furniture use teak wood, oak solid wood, walnut timber wood, there will be sculpture on the wood for decoration, if you don’t clean the dust regularly, the tiny gap will be easy to accumulate dust, and influence the beauty of the furniture, and dust will make the hotel furniture get older quickly.

4.Keeping moist.

The wood of the hotel furniture should keep moist, but it can not directly provide by using the wet cloth simply wipe the surface of the furniture, should use the professional essential oil to maintain the hotel furniture, the essential oil are easy to absorb by wood fiber, and keep the wood water prevent it from crashing. The essential oil will also increase the color lightness of the furniture, make it looking new and extend the life of the hotel furniture.

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